Friday, January 14, 2011

Liberal Media: All The News That Fits Their Political Agenda

It seems odd that of all the media that is out there in particular the liberal media that the cause of the shooting in Arizona was due to conservative punditry. It has nothing to do with first person shooter games or pot smoke or irreverent and disgusting morally eroding animation like Family Guy or Odd Jobs. It isn't pornography that should be curbed in any way because that is not leading to physical violence which is the one thing that liberals fear most. It is the Rush Limbaugh show.

This is the second time that the liberal media has taken the opportunity to exploit a tragedy and suffering of others. When it came to the pedophile scandal in the Church the same used the opportunity to attack their political opponents the Church. Never mind the fact that we have the simply minded way of perceiving that if a political figure gets hurt we think that the motives are political if a priest does the rape than we think that there is a moral falling in the the Church and we can therefore be critical on those grounds. We do not perceive in mass media however that the young man that shot Congresswoman Gifford had a direct encounter with the Congresswoman and may have had a affective response to his encounter which motivated his actions. Nor do we attack marijuana which many of the liberals espouse is supposedly so good for one. Nor do we look at the fact that we have a person who is so emotionally ill that his parents, friends and even teachers could tell. No, the problem is the Rush Limgaugh show. The problem is that Sarah Palin has cross hairs on a map because circles on a map mean an entirely different thing.

When we watch Peter Werherner debating Bill Press on C-Span's Washington Journal it seems clear that Bill Press is intent on making a case for the liberal Democrats at the expense of the shootings. In fact the common trait has been that these liberal Democrats have no affection at all for the victims, they are merely tools to further their political agenda. http://www.c-span.org/Events/Washington-Journal-for-Sunday-Jan-9/10737418805-3/

Bill Press says that 'violent talk produces, not always, violent actions". This is the problem that the liberals have it is their perception of violence perpetuating out of language because they hold that language in a way leads to the key reasons for action and belief. They believe that if you change the written definition of a psychiatric illness like homosexuality then the reality of the sexual behavior is amended. They have confused the ideas from the beginning and then reach a conclusion all of their own. Then on top of that they are only concerned with physical bodily harm because this is all that they have in their existence, their bodies which they idolize. What is violent talk? Who participates in it and why is it the only form of speech that the liberals are interested in curbing. What about Hip-Hop music there is plenty of violent talk involved in those arenas and yes their is plenty of violence that takes place but does talk of any kind produce actions? The homosexuals say that the teaching of the Church are what lead Tyler Clemente to jump off the bridge even though suicide is forbidden in Catholicism and they have no answer to those that are not homosexual who jump off the bridge. It is saying that people are somehow completely mechanistic, that because something is said that the person has no intrinsic bearing of their own like a religion that organizes how they behave. Yet the liberals spend most of their time trying to eliminate the intrinsic values of society and then blame the violence that they can encapsulate on the conservative talk show host. They do not blame Howard Stern who would actually send people out to aggravate others they blame and at the same time dismiss Jared Lee Lounghren as a "nut'. Violent talk produces violent actions perhaps in sick egotistical people but that is true of all things. It is shocking and terrible that of all the crimes committed in society to which few have anything to do with talk that we would now try to limit the freedom of speech not with television shows with lots of violent talk and depictions , not with the music industry that has lots of violent talk but with the Rush Limgaugh show, with the Bill O'Rielly show, how interesting how perfectly that suites these liberal democrats, how this Jared who was considered by his peers to be 'liberal pot-head' is now seen as the product of conservative talk radio. These liberals are quite disgusting.

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