Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tag, Your Out

"And with, you'd be aggressively judgmental and intolerant too if you didn't have equal rights, like the ability to see your partner in the emergency room, make their final decisions, and be treated with the same respect everyone else enjoys.  This isn't a mere difference of opinion over whether chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla, these are people's lives"
There is no such thing as 'equal rights'. All 'rights' are inherently equal. There is only one universal ninety degree angle and in order to determine it as such it must be adjacent to something perfect and unchanging, that will be God.  As in baseball one is either on base or not. Or in a game of tag, where it doesen't matter how many people are on base, all are safe. However, one can not possesses a right any more than one can pick up a base and run around with it perfectly  immuned from being 'tagged out' throughout the game. One is either right, or they are not. The homosexual is not right. He is not in accordance with what is good, true and just.
We have only subcumb to this error because we have adpoted the inverted reasoning of the homosexual.
The psychosis of the homosexual is this idea of 'being the same'. It is a psychological error in perception that in fact, we are.  It is an extension of the narcissistic personality disorder. Rather than suffer the subjective feeling of isolation incurred through the realization that we as human souls do not exist in a great liberated state of a Brahmanian 'all', where we lose our individual identities. The homosexual seeks relief from this suffering in a misguided sense of liberation of soul into the 'everyman' and subsequently wants, what 'everyone else has'.   No, to have a subjective identity implies suffering because it implies separation from the others.  A recognition of who we are physically is a starting point. It is because I am male that I can not have sexual play with another male because it will come of nothing. The homosexual tends to be given to a deep level of sentimentalism, where by what they feel outweighs what is objectively true. What you feel is real but it is not necessarily true and thus, you must pull away from such activities. The same can be said to all the 'Romeo and Juilet's " in the world.

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