Saturday, March 10, 2012

To Promote Illegal Immigration is to Devalue Oneself as an American Citizen

At Texas A&M Jose Lewis Zalaya tried to run for president of the student body, he came in fourth out of six candidates. That only makes sense and it shows a revealing glimpse of this new take that our citizenship as United States citizens ought to thought unimportant over all. Will it be possible for a an illegal immigrant to run for President, to be President (as if we don't already have that in President Obama)? Yet here is the psychological question of why US citizens have engaged in a campaign of devaluation.

Freedom in the United States has in fact been defined as the absence of shame. More and more of the television station show demeaning behaviour and themes, rape, prostitution and of course murder as a entertainment genres. Overall the U.S. citizen has become accustomed to going through a floor of shame to leaving them open to a bottomless pit. The shame of pregnancy out of wedlock is gone, so is the shame of being on welfare, receiving food stamps, filing for bankruptcy, the shame of homosexuality has been completely reversed and the shame of pornography and even prostitution.

Is is a psychological operation being run on the U.S.? We were told that the U.S. won the cold war. So why is it that the Catholic Church one of the causes for the down fall of communism is now under attack by the United States government. Now that Russia is a democracy and has embrace capitalism. Is it the case that the United States views the Church as a competitor in the race to be hegemonic force in the world? Or is it that President Barrack Obama is a socialist and an activist as well as a closeted Muslim who seeks to establish Muslim theocracies all across the middle east and defeat the Church where ever possible?

One thing is for sure, the loss of personal identity, of recognizing who one is in the country is seriously being jepordized.

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